Reimagining the construction industry. 

Since 1905 Etex, Belgium, has been pioneering to become a global leader in lightweight construction solutions. Its people are driven by a desire to inspire people around the world to build living spaces that are ever more safe, sustainable, smart and beautiful. Etex employs 11,000 people across 110 facilities in 42 countries


People First – Serving Customers – Sustaining Growth

Our Team was first retained by Etex through its Tegral, Ireland, leadership team in in 2000. Through a Think Customers project Tegral teams were brough on a deep dive into customer relationships and strategic value propositions.  With these customer experience insights they built a strategic platform for growth. At the heart of the project success was the client’s growth mindset, and deep commitment to developing their people.

The teams worked at the nexus of strategy, leadership and  culture renovation with an unrelenting focus on the best interests of customers. This clarity of focus enabled Tegral to build one of Ireland’s most recognized construction industry brands.

In the last five years our work with Etex has centered around the Exteriors Division headquartered in Belgium. We are continuing to work with the leadership team as they consolidate and accelerate growth in fiber cement solutions for roofing, facades and terraces. Our work involves workshops with the leadership team and dozens of teams across the globe.  For example “Lighthouse” workshops in 13 countries refined Etex’s purpose “Inspiring ways of Living”. These workshops designed on Appreciative Inquiry principles brought the Purpose alive and lived in the organization at all levels, and experienced by customers.  This vibrant engagement was one of the foundational factors which allowed Covid to be an accelerator of positive change at Etex Exteriors.

During Covid we designed and facilitated dozens of virtual workshops involving participants from more than 30 countries.

Accelerating purpose driven change


Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Teamwork, High Performance

In the last three years Etex Exteriors successfully focused on three big moves, engaged and passionate employees, superior customer focus and commitment to innovation driven by sustainability.  To quote Michael Fenlon CEO

"This new brand architecture helped us focus, and our teams thoroughly revamped our business models for each brand to place our customers in the centre of what we do. Our teams have already put in huge amounts of work when it comes to mapping out the customer journeys for our three core brands. Now, the Exteriors team is working across boundaries to pilot and scale up disruptive ideas, redefining ourselves to ensure that we adapt in an agile way to our customers’ needs."



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